What is Torque and Why Does it Matter?

March 27th, 2018 by

2018 Ram 1500 White

Torque is defined as the rotational force your engine produces via the crankshaft. It’s a measure of your vehicle’s capacity to do work, and that translates to faster acceleration while passing cars in Chatham and more towing capabilities on- or off-road.

Torque Facts from Green Dodge

Torque isn’t the only performance spec that matters when choosing a new vehicle. Horsepower vs torque has been a hot debate for years, and it’s worth keeping the following info in mind:

  • Horsepower directly influences a car’s maximum speed and overall acceleration. It’s often held as the gold standard for performance vehicles like the Dodge Charger, but torque is critical as well.

  • Torque improves acceleration and keeps your engine speed low while towing. It’s particularly important for trucks with AWD like the high-performance Ram 1500.

  • High torque and horsepower in a low cost SUV ensure solid performance while off-roading near Jacksonville.

2018 Dodge Charger Driving

If you’re looking to test drive a vehicle with plenty of torque, visit Green Dodge. We’re located just minutes from Taylorville, and our inventory of used trucks with AWD send that all-powerful torque to each of the four wheels for added traction on the pavement or off.