Things to Do in Springfield, IL

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Young boy doing a backflip on a trampoline

Looking for something fun, something educational, or a little bit of both? Green Dodge is here with some of our favorite things to do in Springfield, IL — all are fun for the whole family.

Sky Zone in Springfield, IL

Looking to get some airtime without investing in a backyard trampoline? Sky Zone in Springfield is just the ticket. Originators of wall-to-wall aerial action, Sky Zone gives kids and adults a place to exercise and play. Staying active doesn’t have to mean a 10-mile jog or a couple of hours at the gym; a trip to Sky Zone can give your legs, lungs, and smile a workout.

Dodgeball championships, SkyWars, and Toddler Time show that there’s something for anyone and any age at Sky Zone, and they’ve just introduced multi-day passes if you get hooked.

Get Historical

It can be easy to forget that not only are we in the state’s capital, but we’re in a seat of Illinois history. If you’re looking for an educational trip for the kids or just for yourself, it’s tough to beat these historical sites and museums in Springfield:

Springfield Capitol Building

See a Movie

You might be able to stream nearly anything from your home TV, but it’s still tough for a home viewing to compare to a trip to the movies. If you’re looking to see the latest blockbuster movies in Springfield, IL, you’ve got a few places to go:

Go to a Drive-In

Of course, we would be bad movie fans and a bad car dealer if we didn’t mention the only drive-in theater in Springfield: The Route 66 Drive-In.Crank up the nostalgia at one of the Route 66’s two screens and make a night of it with a double feature in the summer.

Popcorn and movie reel

What Do You Do in Springfield?

We’ve just tipped the iceberg of our favorite things to do in Springfield, and we haven’t even mentioned any of our favorite local pizza places, the many other great Springfield restaurants, or where to find the legendary Springfield Horseshoe sandwich. Contact us to learn more about Springfield and plan your trip to our great city today by booking your hotel!

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