Where to Find the Springfield Horseshoe

horseshoe sandwich on plate

If you’re a Springfield resident, then chances are you’ve tried a Springfield Horseshoe. However, if you’re from Chatham, Rochester, or Decatur, you may have never heard of this Springfield delicacy. Well, let the staff of Springfield residents at Green Dodge walk you through how this famous dish came to be, and where to find the Springfield Horseshoe. We’re sure that once you figure out what the Springfield Horseshoe is, you’ll be dying to try it!

What is the Springfield Horseshoe?

So, you may be wondering, “What is the Springfield Horseshoe?” This Springfield staple is a sandwich that’s piled high with savory meats (usually ham or burger patties), a mound of french fries, and oh-so-good cheese sauce. While there isn’t any concrete story behind the origins of the Springfield Horseshoe, Springfield residents believe the town’s Leland Hotel originally sold the sandwich, starting sometime in the 1920s. Some think the hotel’s head chef, Joe Schweska, created the sandwich, while others tend to believe that the hotel’s 17-year-old dishwasher was the mastermind behind this legendary Springfield dish. Either way, this open-faced sandwich continues to live on to this day, being sold at numerous restaurants throughout Springfield.

Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery

Perhaps the best place to go to find the Springfield Horseshoe is Obed & Isaac’s, located right in the heart of downtown Springfield. At Obed & Isaac’s, you can find the Horseshoe in its full size and smaller portion, which they’ve dubbed the “Ponyshoe.” At this establishment, which also sells other appetizers, meals, and various craft beers, the Springfield Horseshoe begins with two thick-sliced pieces of toast, your own choice of meat (which includes pulled pork, chicken breast, veggie burger, and much more), a mountain of crispy french fries, and their “secret cheese sauce.” For a lot of our patrons, this is the premier place to go for the Springfield Horseshoe.

horseshoe from obed and isaac's

Westwoods Lodge

Another place you can go when you’re trying to find the Springfield Horseshoe is the Westwoods Lodge on Jefferson Street. Westwoods has named their version of this Springfield classic the “Snowshoe,” but it is still similar to this local favorite dish. Here, you can choose to add a fried egg to your Horseshoe or substitute the fries with onion rings and other sides.

Boone’s Saloon

The final stop on our list is at Boone’s Saloon, which does their own spin on the Springfield Horseshoe. Here, you start with sourdough toast, which differentiates this selection from the others. Plus, you get two choices of cheese sauce, which can be a regular selection or spicy white queso. You’ll definitely want to try their Philly steak version of the Horseshoe!

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