Road Tripping Through Illinois

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Whether you’re traveling through your own state from end to end or trekking from one side of the country to another,going on a road trip is an amazing way to experience our amazing country. And, if Illinois is on your list of destinations, there are so many great places to stop at and see. Let the friendly and local staff here at Green Dodge tell you all about the great roadside attractions you won’t want to miss when you road trip through Illinois!

The Lauterbach Giant

Located in Illinois’ capital city of Springfield, you can stop by Lauterbach Tire and Auto Service at 1569 Wabash Avenue. While the tire shop itself is staffed by a group of friendly car experts, the main attraction may be their Lauterbach Giant statue! This statue stands watch over the repair shop’s parking lot, and is easily one of the most recognizable figures across the entirety of Illinois.

The Town of Casey, Where Small Things Become Big

You’ll find our next attraction just off of Interstate-70, and it actually incorporates an entire town! In Casey, you’ll find numerous world-record sculptures, including large-sized versions of everyday items. Feast your eyes on the world’s largest wind chime, mailbox, rocking chair, golf tee, pencil, and more when you drive through Casey, Illinois!

Mahan’s Filling Station

Located on Historic Route 66 and located across from the Historic Illinois State Fairground in the state’s capital of Springfield, Mahan’s Filling Station is an awesome blast-from-the-past you can discover during your road trip. This gas station is one of the oldest that still exists, with estimates saying it dates back to over 100 years ago! This is one piece of history in Illinois that you won’t want to pass up!

Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center

The last inclusion on our list of exciting roadside attractions in Illinois is the Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center. This museum is located in Litchfield off of the Historic Route 66 highway, and you can stop in for free to learn more about the great town of Litchfield and its community as well as Route 66 itself.

Learn More About Illinois with Green Dodge!

Which of these roadside attractions will you stop at on your next road trip through Illinois? For more recommendations on great places to see, take a look at our similar features to this one, including the best off-road trails in Illinois and our list of favorite things to do in Springfield. To keep your adventures going, stop by Green Dodge and find a road trip-ready vehicle from our new or used vehicle inventory!


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