Two-Wheel Alignment

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Two-Wheel Alignment

2-Wheel Alignment Service

Living in Illinois means putting up with four full seasons of weather. It also means dealing with a lot of potholes, road construction, and other obstacles that put a beating on your wheels. That beating takes a toll on the parts that keep your front wheels running straight and true. Green Dodge of Springfield, IL, can perform 2-wheel alignment service on any make or model vehicle and ensure it will go where intended. An alignment ensures your car will travel in a straight line when intended, and turn properly when necessary. It is a simple and easy service to perform, and often requires no more than an hour of your time when scheduled in advance.

Aligning Your Wheels

When our technicians perform a 2-wheel alignment service we inspect and check your front end components. That includes tie rods and other important parts that ensure your wheels stay in contact with the roadway properly, and your steering system will keep your car on the right path while turning. We can ensure your front wheels continue to travel properly, and minimize any related wear and tear on your tires and wheels. You leave with a car that travels as designed and provides a much safer and more comfortable ride.

Two-Wheel Alignment is Important to Your Vehicle’s Safety & Efficiency

If you ever are driving down a straight roadway and your car wants to veer either right or left, you might have an alignment issue. The roadways in southern Illinois can take a beating during four full seasons of weather. The potholes, bumps and other roadway imperfections put a pounding on your front end. That can lead to problems with tie rod ends and other parts that keep your wheels in place. A simple 2-wheel alignment service can identify potential problems and correct any alignment issues. That helps to ensure your car will travel exactly as intended. It also helps to keep your tires in good condition. An improperly aligned vehicle will put additional wear on tires, and that shortens their lifespan and effectiveness.

Schedule Same-Day Alignment Service at Green Dodge Ram

Our certified and highly experienced technicians at Green Dodge Ram can perform same-day alignment services. We can schedule you for a time that is convenient and have a very comfortable waiting area while we align your car. Those in Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln, and Taylorville, IL, and other nearby communities will find the brief wait to be comfortable and even entertaining. That is because we offer free Wi-Fi, TVs, workstations, and coffee and beverages. That ensures you can keep your time productive, while we ensure your car is in top shape.

Green Dodge Complimentary Ammenities

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