Maintenance to Prepare Your Truck for Summer

2019 Ram 1500 exterior Grill

With winter fully behind us now and spring in full swing, it’s nearly time to begin thinking about how to best maintain your truck so it’s ready to take on the sweltering heat of summer. You may not realize it, but the summer weather here in Chatham can be just as harsh on your RAM 1500 as the freezing winters we experience year in and year out in Illinois. So, take a look at our handy guide to better prepare your truck for summer, then contact us at Green Dodge if you have any further questions!

Air Conditioning

When the weather jumps from a pleasant 60 degrees to a scorching 95+ in just a month or two, you’re sure going to want to have a working air conditioning unit in your truck. Be sure to bring your truck in to be serviced for any leaks, and replace or repair any part of the unit that needs it. You don’t want to be stuck sweltering in your truck if you don’t take this precaution seriously.


You probably worry more about your truck’s battery during the winter, when the freezing temperatures may make it hard for your vehicle to start. But overheating in the summer can actually be a cause for a failed battery. Inspect the electrolyte levels of your battery and ensure that it’s fully charged before you drive around Rochester in the summer season.

Coolant and Coolant Hoses

Do you know how old the coolant hoses in your truck are? After so many years, these parts degrade and, if unproperly cared for, can leave you with an overheated or blown engine due to the summer’s heat. If your hoses have seen some wear and tear over many years, then it’s time to replace them. It’s also good to make sure you’re stocked on antifreeze as well. This is a fairly inexpensive replacement, but a valuable one just the same.

2018 RAM 1500 Trim Black

Tire Pressure

Due to the fluctuating weather our state typically has over the winter and spring seasons, well-worn tires can simply dip below the required air pressure your truck requires them to have. And when the under-inflated tires come head-to-head with the sweltering heat of a mid-summer day, they can actually explode! This can happen to over-inflated tires as well, so it’s always good to just check up on all of your truck’s tires just in case.

Engine Belts

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to inspect the engine belts in your truck. These parts see a lot of deterioration but are often overlooked, just because they typically last a long period of time. Still, if you have an older truck and want to be certain it’ll last you through another summer, then replacing your engine belts may be the way to go. We’re certain you’d rather do that than take the chance with yours failing and causing any more damage to your truck. You should also check your engine’s air filter because it may need to be replaced.

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If you think any of these parts are worn down in your truck and you want it fixed promptly and correctly, then come visit our veteran service technicians at Green Dodge in Springfield. Whether you’re driving a new Ram 2500, or a 10-year-old Ram 3500, you should be maintaining your vehicle and preparing it for the upcoming summer months. You can also browse the RAM extended warranty plans with Green Dodge for additional coverage and peace of mind. Contact us if you have any more questions, and stop in today if you need help programming your Dodge key fob, how often you should change your spark plugs, or maintaining your vehicle!

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