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Exhaust System Service in Springfield, IL

Getting an engine tune-up is a must do to keep a healthy vehicle. Qualified and trained technicians at Green Dodge serves the Springfield, IL area and offers exhaust services as well as a myriad of other checks to ensure your safety and the health of your automobile. Dodge and Ram’s muffler and exhaust manifolds have cylinder heads that exhaust gases utilize for storage. The system then analyzes the gases through the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors so it can process and push them through the muffler.

Green Dodge performs exhaust checks in the Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln or Taylorville, IL area. We offer early bird hours as well as open on Saturday so that your muffler and exhaust system never faces failure or damage.

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Exhaust and Muffler System Red Flags

  • Vibrating — Hearing or feeling a vibration when the car is a signal that your car needs a check-up with Green Dodge’s trained technicians. Alerting them to where the vibrations are coming from is essential to us finding the source and cause. The symptom possibly means a disconnected part, a leak, or even a hole in the muffler and exhaust system.
  • Increase in Exhaust Volume — A rumbling noise from the exhaust pipe is as concerning as a vibration. The deep sound signals possible issues with the muffler or exhaust system. Delaying repairs or a check-up leads to more expensive service costs. We at Green Dodge want to save you the money of replacements.
  • Fuel Efficiency Decrease — Filling up at the gas station is a chore. But, refueling tells you a lot about your Dodge or Ram. If you are not getting as far as you were and filling the tank more regularly, your exhaust system requires a check for leaks. Green Dodge wants you to get the best mileage for your buck.

Maintaining and Saving

Dodge engine health is imperative to save money and keep you safe. Maintaining the exhaust pipe keeps fumes diverting out of the engine and your vehicle running smoothly. The build-up of exhaust fumes causes an engine to deteriorate and the replacement is pricey. Trained technicians at Green Dodge in Springfield, IL want you to safeguard your vehicle and your pocket. You should have the freedom to enjoy a trouble-free drive.

We are ready to service your vehicle while you enjoy our amenities. Your exhaust and muffler system receives a check-up while you kick back in our comfortable waiting area with TV, complimentary coffee and yummy snacks.

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