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Diesel Oil Change

Diesel Oil Change in Springfield, IL

Oil changes are essential to the health of your automobile. There is nothing more important from a maintenance standpoint to keep your car running well. This is true whether it is gasoline or diesel-powered, but there are some significant differences in the oil, which is why it’s so important to make sure you are getting a RAM diesel oil change. You could use one in the other in an emergency, but it would not be good for the car over the long term. Diesel oil also lasts longer in an engine. You may go 7,500 or more miles on diesel between oil changes, but any more than that, and you’ll need to schedule service with us for a RAM diesel oil change. Bring your vehicle to Green Dodge, whether it is a Dodge Ram or not, in Springfield, IL for a quality oil change. We are a short drive from Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln, and Taylorville, IL.

Diesel Oil Change Service

The job of oil is to lubricate your engine, and it also absorbs some impurities as it does its job. Oil wears down after a while and does not do as good of a job as it does so. Where you drive and how you drive also have an impact on how long the oil will last, as well as how long does a diesel oil change lasts. Our certified technicians can make sure you have the right oil in your vehicle and can advise you on when your oil needs to be changed. There are general guidelines that are safe, but they can vary by vehicle, which is important to bring your vehicle to a certified center that knows how to perform a RAM diesel oil change.

Diesel engines are cleaner burning and do not wear out oil as fast as gasoline engines do. Even so, the oil will wear out and will need to be replaced. If you do not change your oil, eventually it will fail. That will cause your engine to fail, and you will have a very large repair bill. Spending a small amount on regular oil changes will keep you from major expenses like having to replace an engine, so just a little time waiting to find out how long does a diesel oil change takes can save you from a very expensive repair bill later. We also offer lifetime drive train protection, but not changing your oil can void warranties.

Certified MOPAR Service from Green Dodge Ram

Bring your vehicle to Green Dodge in Springfield, IL for your oil changes to make sure you are getting the right oil for your car, and so you don’t have to worry about how long a diesel oil change lasts. We are a short drive from Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln, and Taylorville, IL. We are a community-involved dealership that cares about the environment. Getting your oil changed at a dealership is also good for the environment. While your oil is changed, visit our Comfortable Waiting Area with TV, complimentary coffee, and snacks.

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