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Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Service in Springfield, IL

One of the leading systems designed to limit your environmental emissions is the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. It can be found in the exhaust system of your Diesel Dodge truck. Because burning diesel has the ability to release a significant amount of emissions in the environment, this system is in place to assist with limiting them by recycling unused gasses from the motor.

After a significant amount of time, wear and tear build upon the system. During service, a vacuum is used to remove the excess gasses and corrosion that have developed within the system. Before finishing, one of our certified technicians will inspect the vacuum line to the valve for a potential replacement.


Importance of Your EGR Valve

This service should be done periodically to ensure that it is properly operating. Not only is essential to release these gasses safely back into the atmosphere, but it is also important due to the fact that it can clog the motor and circulate excess gasses back into operation when not properly maintained. Passing the required emissions test is not possible when the EGR valve is unable to properly operate.

Ignoring Your EGR Value

If you choose not to schedule service at the first warning signs, then your truck will continue to ride rough, only getting worse. Attempting to brake will become a difficult task, as the carbon build up will make the pedal appear as though it is stuck.

This is dangerous, especially for those who drive frequently in traffic and need to brake often. The performance of your working diesel vehicle will continue to deteriorate and eventually become too difficult to drive.

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