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A/C Inspection, Recharging & Repairs

During the summer months, your car can be hot. Getting into the car can be uncomfortable, but fortunately, you tend to cool off quickly and remain comfortable thanks to the air conditioner in your car. Unfortunately, many people take their air conditioner for granted until it stops cooling completely or is not giving off the level of coolness that they have come to expect. That is why the experts at Green Dodge make it easy to make sure your air conditioner is remaining repaired, and you’ve got all the tools you need to know how to charge your air conditioner.  Having air conditioning service done can help prevent unexpected surprises when it comes to your car’s air conditioner. Find out for yourself how the experts charge the air conditioner at Green Dodge.

Top-Notch Vehicle A/C Service

It is important to have your air conditioning unit serviced, as well as keep up with any air conditioner repairs, to help ensure that it lasts all summer, without unexpectedly failing. This helps to keep you cool. During an air conditioning service appointment, your air conditioning unit is inspected. The certified technician will look for signs of potential problems such as refrigerant leaks or problems with the condenser. They can also top-off your refrigerant if needed, as well as knowing how to charge your air conditioner to make sure it’s operating at full capacity, or replace parts to help keep your air conditioner functional.

Risks of Not Getting Your Air Conditioner Serviced

If you fail to have your air conditioner serviced, you are putting your car’s air conditioning unit at risk of failing, which can lead to costly air conditioning repairs. When it comes to cars, the earlier that problems are caught and diagnosed, the better off you are. Many problems can be easily repaired when they are caught early enough. The same is true with your air conditioning system. Having your unit inspected and serviced allows a technician to catch minor problems before they turn into larger ones that are more difficult and costly to repair, and that can leave your air conditioning unit not working as it should. An air conditioner service helps to keep you and your car cool.

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Is it time to have the air conditioning system in your Dodge or Ram serviced or inspected? If so, Green Dodge, serving the Springfield, Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln and Taylorville, Illinois area can help you. We offer a comfortable waiting area with TV, complimentary coffee and snacks, certified technicians, and so much more. Contact us now to schedule an appointment to have the air conditioner in your car serviced or inspected.

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