What kind of Used Car Should I Buy?

2019 Dodge Challenger
There are plenty of car body styles to select from when you’re trying to determine what kind of used car should you buy from a dealer, like Green Dodge. In fact, it can be almost overwhelming when trying to decide what is the body style of a car and what type of used car to buy, such as a used Dodge Journey. Do you need a rugged SUV? Family-moving minivan? Maybe something that can easily haul everything that you need and more, so a dependable truck? Green Dodge is ready to help make buying a used car easier for you and other Chatham drivers. Take a look at the break-down so that you can more easily tell what is the body style of a car, and find the one that best fits your needs.

Compacts and Subcompacts

The first, and one of the most popular car body styles, is that of the compact sedan. There are three types of car body styles that fit into the category of compact and subcompacts for Rochester drivers, including:

  • Sedan: Arguably the most familiar compact style, is the 4-door sedan, with ample cargo area. Sedans can fit into small, mid-size, or full size, and typically seat no more than five.
  • Coupe: The coupe is the smaller, sportier cousin of the Sedan. They typically seat only four, with only two doors.
  • Hatchback: The hatchback is larger than the sedan and coupe, and has seating for five. They can almost be considered an SUV-lite, due to their extremely ample cargo space.

SUV and Crossover

If you want to make sure you’ve got plenty of cargo space, but with a little more legroom than the compacts, you might want to look into a sport utility vehicle, or SUV. When you’re trying to figure out what is the body style of a vehicle, these are usually the easiest to immediately recognize. They have plenty of space on the interior, large seating capacities, and are extremely generous when it comes to cargo space. They will typically carry five to seven passengers, or up to eight, if you go with the full-size configurations. Most SUVs also tend to offer the option between two-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Crossovers, a mix between SUVs and compacts. They’re typically smaller than the SUV, but still larger than a compact. There is a difference between the two in terms of construction, though it would rarely be noticeable for Decatur drivers. Crossovers are called unibody platforms, as their body and frame are one frame. SUVs are body-on-frame platforms, where the body and frame are built separately, then connected later.


No longer are minivans relegated to the shadows of soccer games, where an entire team will pour out at once. Minivans can seat up to eight people, making them easier for larger families. The rear seats also will usually fold flat, giving additional cargo space when necessary. They are usually fully stocked with the latest in technology to keep everyone entertained, and while the minivan handles more like a car than an SUV, they in many cases can tow comparable amounts as even the largest SUV.


Speaking of hauling, if you want to make sure that absolutely everything that a family needs is available in one go, you’re going to want a truck. While for many they seem to be only for work-related activities, an extended-cab truck is absolute to comfortably seat five, while still being able to easily move a full camper or boat for a weekend trip. If you want to make sure that the family camping trip has all the best necessities, you’re going to want a truck.

Find Your Used Car Today at Green Dodge

Finding the right used car to fit your family’s needs can be challenging, but you don’t have to do that alone. Our finance department at Green Dodge is ready to help you take home the right used vehicle for your needs, and show you how our used vehicle specials can help you save even more money on these already great deals.

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