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Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

Extended warranties can be a helpful safeguard for Chatham drivers against the unknown expenses that come with owning a car. They cover more than a standard warranty and can be customized based on what you want coverage for. Some examples are key loss, cosmetic damage, and theft protection. Generally speaking, extended warranties are a good investment for most Rochester drivers. Read on for further details on extended warranties.

How Much Does a Protection Plan Cost?

How much extended warranties cost depends on a variety of factors. A few factors that come into play when determining cost are the model of the vehicle, its age, and how much coverage you’re buying. For some Decatur buyers, an extended warranty may seem like an unnecessary expense. Most drivers would benefit from having a fail-safe when the unexpected happens. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to buy an extended warranty:

  • Do you live in a large city where dings, cosmetic wear, and potential theft are a common occurrence? You would benefit from having an extended warranty.
  • Is it an older vehicle that may have to go in for repairs sooner than a new vehicle? It may be worth your while to get coverage for some of those repairs.
  • Do you have kids or a teenager who’s learning to drive? Accidents happen, and it’s better to prepare for a run-in with a mailbox before driving your new car off the lot.
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Buying an Extended Warranty

You can buy an extended warranty when you buy your vehicle or within a few days of its purchase. You will have the option of adding it to your financing plan and paying it in monthly increments or paying it out-right before driving home in your new vehicle. Even if you have bad credit, it’s important to ensure that your investment is protected, so you don’t end up paying more money down the line for costly repairs.

Learn More About Extended Warranties at Green Dodge

Ready to finance a car from Green Dodge? Get more information about extended warranties, liability insurance, and other car-buying FAQs from our knowledgeable finance department. Choose the protection plan that fits your lifestyle, so you can drive off the lot knowing that you won’t have to worry about an unexpected car expense in the future. Contact us to learn more!

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