What Does Dodge R/T Mean?

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Gren Dodge Challenger in a garage
You may have heard performance car enthusiasts toss the term “R/T” around, but not really know what it means. It stands for “Road/Track,” but it also means quite a bit more than that. If you’re a Springfield driver who puts a priority on performance, R/T should be a part of your vocabulary.

Road and Track History

Road/Track is a performance-level trim available across the Dodge lineup. While it debuted in 1967 with the release of the Dodge Coronet R/T, it has since been added to dozens of Dodge models — 29, to be exact. The most famous of these vehicles is likely the 1968 Dodge Challenger. Always a builder of car for the people, Dodge has done well to make many R/T models affordable for the average driver, but those with a larger budget seeking more power can find it in another acronym: SRT.

SRT vs. R/T

The R/T trims offer better performance features and specs than any standard trim will offer, but if you’ve been hearing about those 700+ hp Dodge Charger and Challenger models, you’re going to need to step things up to SRT. Standing for Street & Racing Technology, SRT trims generally offer more in terms of performance, with vehicles like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon even begging questions like “is the Dodge Demon street legal?”

Vehicles With R/T Trims

If you are looking for an R/T model, you have plenty of options to choose from with trims on the:

R/T Performance Features

The exact features will differ between vehicles, but highlights include:

  • Brembo Braking: Precision performance brakes designed for quick stops and minimal heating.
  • HEMI Engines: There’s something unique about a HEMI engine, and their performance specs ensure they are an R/T staple.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The use of hood scoops, rear spoiler, and other aerodynamic elements help reduce drag, increase airflow to the engine, and improve overall performance.

Experience the R/T Difference at Springfield

Still have questions about performance vehicles? We’d rather talk about them behind the wheel with you. Contact Green Dodge today to learn more or to schedule a test drive of a new R/T model.

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